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Among all on the market of medicines drugs to enhance potency are the most popular. After all, even despite age, health status, social status, life motto, "love of a submissive almost all men. And pills to increase potency have proved their efficiency in practice.

It's all about the stuffing

Drugs such as sildenafil cialis levitra and successfully fight the plague of our time: erectile dysfunction. After all, sexual disorders have become a real problem in our time. The cause is the careless attitude of man to his own body, regular stress, poor environment.

All these three drugs for erection have one thing in common. They increase blood flow to the penis, which in turn improves erections. However, sildenafil cialis levitra have a lot of differences between them. In particular, the active substance in all three cases is different. In Sildenafil present sildenafil in Cialisa — Tadalafil, Levitra Is Vardenafil. Accordingly, the duration of the action in the first case — 4-6 hours, in the second case — 36 hours in the third case — 8-12 hours. In addition, the effectiveness and adverse reactions possessed by the drugs for erections, is also specific.

The fly in the ointment

All three drugs and their generic medicines have some side effects. Those who consume sildenafil, sometimes stuffy nose, worsening color vision, blood rushes to face, there is dizziness and stomach discomfort. When taking Cialis happens back pain, muscle or eyes the stuffy nose, redness of the eyes. Best of all this background is generic Levitra. Eating very rarely can appear flu-like condition with headache and chills, but to become painfully inflamed nasal and oral cavity.

You need high-quality, absolutely safe and effective drug to struggle with reduced erection, impotence? Levitra – the best choice! The penis will always take "full combat readiness", reduced erection will not be disturbed. Sexual intercourse will never cause trouble! Levitra significantly increases blood flow in the penis, the penis becomes more sensitive, which ultimately gives exquisite sexual sensations, making the experience of sexual intercourse vivid and memorable. An erection will delight stability after taking the pills, you will forget about the signs of impotence!

The description of the drug Levitra

Levitra is one of the most modern and effective means to eliminate problems with erectile function. It's time to start taking the tablets, to dramatically change your personal life. Men buy Levitra completely get rid of erection problems, start easy to build up a stable sexual relationship with women.

To buy Pills Vardenafil Nigeria, they are long – about 4-6 hours, and the effect of the application is noticeable in 10-15 minutes. As soon as there is a natural sexual arousal, not forced to wait long and stable erection. Confidence, looseness and freedom, the right emotional state is all that is necessary to man for new victories in the sphere of intimacy! The effect is stable, continues the act.

For the body the drug is completely harmless. In addition, the action Levitra will not affect the use of small amounts of fatty foods, and alcohol. Although all alcoholic drinks can themselves cause problems in the intimate sphere.

The effect of the drug

Erection is reduced, there are signs of impotence for men is becoming a problem bringing sexual intercourse to the end, when the blood flow to the penis insufficient. The bad blood flows to the penis, quickly departs. As a result, to achieve a stable erection almost impossible.

Levitra (Vardenafil) successfully overcomes this major cause of low erection when sexually stimulated. After taking the pills Levitra blood circulation in the penis increases, blood vessels dilate. In the end, an erection is a good.

Application and dosage

Buy Levitra (Vardenafil) is taken orally and pills need to drink plenty of water. 30-60 minutes before planned sexual intercourse it is recommended to take 10 mg of the drug. Stable effect lasts 4-6 hours. If necessary, increase the dose to 20 mg, but that's marginal rate on the day. The optimal effect can only be achieved with sexual stimulation.

Recommendations and contraindications

Should abandon the use of Levitra (Vardenafil) in the following cases.

There is a tendency to bleeding, diseases of the kidneys, liver, arterial hypertension.

An allergic reaction is observed after application. The organism is sensitive to the components included in the preparation. It is strictly forbidden to combine the Levitra with medicines containing nitrates.

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