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Buy unique drug generic propecia, just one tablet a day will allow you to restore hair growth.

The drug is manufactured under the trade names: Alfinal, Zerlon, Penester, proscar, Prosterid, Finast, Finasteride, Finpros

The problem of hair loss is often a # 1 problem for many men. And the problem can be due to several factors: stress, diet (prescribed to men who suffer from obesity), Smoking... In this article we will talk about another factor: genetic predisposition to baldness.

To begin to progress androgenic alopecia may very early. Already in twenty years the young man could see the first signs of baldness. For a long time to treat hair loss due to hereditary predisposition, was not possible. It was believed that this disease is incurable. Now everything is different. Appeared on the market high quality effective drug is Propecia. We want to offer generic "Propecia", which in all respects is not inferior to the original drug.


In the "Propecia" includes a substance called finasteride. It is this substance and stops hair loss.

The method of application. The drug should be taken one tablet once a day with warm water. Before applying you should consult with your doctor, who may set a different daily dose. Generic "Propecia" should be taken at least six months. There are times when the doctor prescribes the drug for a long time. It should be remembered that the already fallen hair will not grow again.


Numerous clinical studies have able to prove the security of generic "Propecia". Another thing, if its efficiency will want to feel a woman. Because the drug is created to treat alopecia male pattern, women he can't help. Moreover, it can harm the unborn baby if a woman is pregnant.

Side effects

Despite the fact that the safety of generics has been proven side effects it can cause. They appear very rarely and very rapidly. Such effects include:

  • violation of potency;
  • decrease of sexual desire;
  • reducing the number of sperm.

The drug "Propecia" is very effective and for this reason has become very popular. It can offer in any pharmacy, including online pharmacy. Of course, the choice everyone makes for himself, but we should not settle for questionable deals. There is a risk to purchase a fake. If you will order the drug, remember that quality medicines will be required to have a guarantee from the manufacturer and could be found in their original packaging.

Buy generic "Propecia" in our online pharmacy without prescription and at the best price. Our offered product is quality and safe for health. Moreover, you will be able to consult a qualified pharmacist if need be.


Hair loss... This problem causes a lot of trouble for both men and women. Alopecia occurs for many different reasons. For each case – their treatment. Most difficult to respond to treatment androgenic alopecia (hair loss due to genetic predisposition). At the end of the twentieth century, pharmacologists have invented a drug "Propecia", which successfully coped with the above problem. As a result, numerous clinical studies have shown that this drug is effective and completely safe for male health. Currently there is a known generic drug which quality and performance is not inferior to the original drug. Generic "Propecia" designed exclusively for men, for women, it can only have a detrimental effect. Take this medication need in a few months. The already fallen hair he's not revives, but will help to prevent the loss of the rest of the hair, and intensify new growth from dormant follicles.

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