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Exciting facts about erection

How to treat erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur in perfectly healthy men after consumption of large doses of alcohol, intake of certain medical or narcotic drugs, and simply fatigue or nervous tension. Most men think that the erection is either there or not. This view is mistaken.

You can make love and with a weak erection. Man can pass all the excitation levels completing their orgasm even if the penis is not hard enough. If you periodically note the lack of an erection, for example, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, which is not gonna happen in most cases there is no cause for concern.

Are you sure you have problems with erection and you want to eliminate them?

Initially, you need to establish whether the cause of poor erection of physical. Try to answer the following questions:

If erection occurs at night or in the morning when you Wake up?

Erections at night or in the morning arise, but with a partner contact is not obtained?

Do you have erections during Masturbation, but without the participation of the partner?

If not all questions you have answered "Yes", then your difficulty may have psychological roots. In addition, most of the erection problems connected with psychology.

So how can we increase erection psychologically?

First of all, you need to focus on the psychological state of man. Stress is the main reason for the lack of good erections and as a consequence sex. You need to improve the condition men are gradually to improve the General mood, to support him in difficult situations relating to work and home, trying all sorts of ways to distract from bad thoughts.

To improve erections, also help in other ways:


Men to improve erection requires exercise. You need to move in order to avoid stagnation of blood in the pelvis. Each day carry out walking briskly for a distance of 3 km.

Morning sex

Recommend you to introduce into your daily routine this item. In 8-9 o'clock in the morning, the body itself produces hormones. You can not think about strengthening the erection – just enjoy the process.

Often go barefoot

At the foot of man has a huge number of different points, some of which are responsible for sexual arousal. They need to encourage: go barefoot in the house, massage the feet with light movements.


Everyone knows that regular contrast shower trains our vessels and improves blood circulation. How to improve erection? Water the pelvis alternately cold and warm water. Blood flow to the genitals ensured.

Regular sex

The most pleasant remedy for erection. The human body reflexively responds to stimulation and satisfaction. Therefore, if you have regular sex for the man is easier to get excited again.

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